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    Data missing from Secondary source while blending. Need substitute for dummy data entry in Primary source

    prabhjot singh

      Hi Community


      I have four different Database (in Excel) that i am using to create visualization.


      1.Labour Sale Report. (Primary Database)

      2.Parts Sale Report (getting this data by joining three different files in tableau)

      3.EW report

      4.RSA report


      I am using three columns for blending.



      2.SA Names.





      I am using all databases in one table view. The problem is when i am blending RSA report with Labour Sale Report then some data values are not visible in view. The solution i found for this problem is to enter dummy row entry with "same date,same SA Name and same Location" in Labour sale Report which is also successful to get desired output.


      But the real problem in this solution is  i have to check every month Primary database and secondary database files, if there is some missing date or location or SA names and then i have to add dummy entries in Primary database. This will be a time consuming process. Is there any solution for this ?