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    Clear Filter Actions with one Click

    Ken Pattillo

      Hi Vizzards,


      The attached workbook is a viz index to all our vizzes.  Each of the tree maps has a dashboard action to filter the other tree maps and the list of reports.  My users complain they get lost in the cascading filters (and don't notice the native |<-- Revert button in the toolbar) and so have asked for an obvious push button to Restore to original state.


      I have it working, except you have to click it twice to totally clear all the filters.  How unintuitive!  Am I missing something in the setup of the dashboard action? 


      Thanks!  Ken

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          ShivaRam Chennapragada

          Looks like, I'm not the only one who've been through this. I tried and tested the reset button, but then I just removed it. Instead educated users to use "view: Original" and then select "Default" from the pop-up (still has to go through 2 clicks). However, this helps only if your dashboard is published to server. I'd be interested to see if any one has a work around.

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            Ken Pattillo

            My viz will be published to Tableau Server.  And I forgot to mention we are on 10.5x.  Thanks!  Ken

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              Joe Oppelt

              The reason you have t click twice is because the "reset" sheet gets selected when you click the first time.  And you'll notice that when you do that first click, your two treemap sheets get restored, but they still retain the items that were previously clicked.

              Tableau retains/remembers those selections because  the user COULD come back and clear just one of them, or select a different value on one of the sheets, etc., and that's a pretty common scenario on a lot of dashboards.  The fact that we create "buttons" with actual sheets means that out buttons adopt sheet-like behavior.


              And that's why Tableau gave us a built-in feature to reset with one swoosh.


              Look around in the IDEAS forum to see if something like this has already been proposed:




              If so, add your vote to it.  If not, start a new idea thread there.  You have a nice packaged example to demo your need already.