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    Removed time stamp after coverting to GMT

    Manuel Ramos

      Hello Forums Community ... I need help urgently if someone is able to guide me.  Thank you.


      My requirement is to create a calculated field that shows my employees cases taken today.  Here is the calculated field I have...


           DATE(DATETRUNC('day', [date_time_assigned_to_engineer__c_gmt])) >=

           DATE(DATETRUNC('day', [DATEADD('hour',7,NOW())]))


      The date_time_assigned_to_engineer is set GMT and Table has been modified to add 7 hours to make both data sets' time zone equal. I have also used the DATE() function to remove the time stamp from each side of the equation.


      Cases taken today for my NAM, EMEA, JP employees are correct, except for my APAC employees (highlighted in the attached) which are showing more cases taken than they really did. The each took one case, but the report is showing they took 8 and 6.


      Can anyone suggest what I should do next?  I think the current calculated field is adding cases taken today and cases taken yesterday for these two APAC employees and showing them in the cases taken today report.


      Please help...thank you!