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    Blending 2 datasources

    Ruben Arias

      Hello Tableau!!!


      I have a report which displays 4 views which make up 2 dashboards.


      One dash is the warning notice status which tells me essentially what employees received a warning notice.


      I also have a termination notice dash which tells me how many terminations (involuntary & voluntary) we had per manager.


      I would like to overlap on the Termination Stats Dashboard, how many of those terminations had warning notices (distinct count only).


      How can I accomplish this guys and gals?



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          Mike Mainzer

          Questions - where are you getting the number of terminations and warnings? Is each row a single warning? and in the terminations dataset, is each row a termination?

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            Ruben Arias

            Hi Mike, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


            I am getting the warning notices from: 'form_hr_warningnotice' and the field is 'number of employees'


            I am getting the termination notices from : 'form_hr_termination' and the field is 'termination type' which is I or V.


            Both tables share a few fields, for example fileno, employeeid, but these are not primary keys in SQL.



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              Mike Mainzer

              Ok, and you want to see which employees were terminated and also received warnings beforehand?


              If that's the case then you need a new datasource that is a list of your employees, where each employee is listed once. That's your primary table to relate to the other two.


              If it's the number of terminations and warnings by manager, then you need a table that just lists each manager once.