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    Parameter Load Time

    Lynne Morgan

      I have a workbook that allows users to filter by 14 different parameters to get a custom dataset (e.g user gets to select whether they want to see race or gender, which races, if they want to see geography, etc.) The underlying data is a large dataset loaded to the server, and so every time a user selects the desired option from a drop down or selection menu the view loads for a few seconds before they can make any other changes. Is there any way to stop the parameters from filtering immediately and only filter all at once (in this case, when the user clicks a filter action that runs on select)?

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          Wesley Magee


          The only way I know to do this is to have them click on the 'Pause' button on Server or 'Pause Auto Updates' in the workbook.

          This will stop the data from updating until they press the button again to play.



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            david tanner

            While I cringe whenever I hear of Dashboards like what you described, the following helped to create a better experience (but still not ideal).

            Have two dashboards in the workbook the first dashboard has all the parameters / filters on it and no visualisations, the second dashboard has the visualisations / data.


            So the user will open the workbook, on the first dashboard, make their selections, and then navigate to the second dashboard to see the results.


            You no longer get the real interactivity that Tableau can provide, but it sounds like this might be preferable to what you currently have.