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    How do I filter across workbooks through the dropdowns?

    Jordan Sanjaya



      Please be patient with my English, and it's my first time to be here. I am very new to Tableau and JavaScript as well. I am trying to find a way to filter the dashboards in a different place. For example, when I click a person name from a list on the first dashboard and it shows a result, once I click another dashboard from the drop-down (not on API, just come from an HTML nav bar), this dashboard should show any results with the person name I chose on the first dashboard.


      Like this: I'm viewing Dashboard 1. I apply filter Anthony. Then I go to Dashboard 2 after clicking this on drop-down. IF Dashboard 2 also has a filter named exactly "Anthony" show the result automatically.


      I tried to research about this, but it does not help very much. I read the API reference and I thought getFilterAsync() from FilterEvent Class would work, but it doesn't. I would appreciate if you can explain or show an example with Javascript codes constructively. This example is similar to my goal, but I don't plan to use two dashboards and textbox/button on the same page. Another example is sort of what I want, but I don't need to put specific values on method to filter. I need to filter across workbooks after clicking anything on the API. It's not just a person name. It can be a date, number, location, etc. I want to know how I make filter values/parameters active on any dashboards.


      Any response will be helpful. Thank you!