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    Device Preview Option - Tablet view is picked by desktop browser - 1600*900 resolution

    Hariharasudan P

      Hi All,


      I have dashboard with desktop, tablet and phone view using device preview option in tableau 10.


      My screen resolution is 1600*900.


      Clearly tableau help says - >=800 is desktop.


      But my tablet view is getting displayed in desktop browser ( IE,edge, Chrome broswer).


      Even we tried to extent of going to full screen mode & did F5 and used some functions of native.api tabcmd commands in tabsvc.yml file to get updated.


      Nothing works.


      Just wanted to know what is that >=800 px means ? [ px is height of user machine screen in browser or how many pixels it can accomodate or ?]


      Just want to know whether anyone else faced similar issue


      Note : Raised tableau support ticket.