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    How to hide certain grand total but meanwhile keep some others?

    yao fu

      Hello Tableau Gurus,


      I have two created calculation fields-  percentage of total, and I want to hide both columns, but still keep the amount grand total column.


        I right click on the measure, "Total using(Automatic)" -  and choose "hide", the values disappear but the column still shows. In this particular case, I  only want the columns totals to be hidden, not still keep the row ones.


      Does anyone have some ideas ?  Is this even doable in Tableau?  Any advise is appreciated.  Thank you!!






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          Joe Oppelt

          The problem you are encountering comes from trying to make Tableau look like excel.


          Tableau treats everything uniformly.  If you have grand totals for some measures, you get them for all measures.  If you turn off display of a column of values, it turns off the whole column, grand totals and all.  You can format the measure columns so that the data marks are colored one color (and if you select the color that is identical to the background, the numbers look invisible) and the total rows with another color (such as black), but it will do that to ALL the measure columns, not just the two you want to hide.