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    Need help with bar graph

    John Freiberger



      I'm in need of some help with an issue with a side-by-side bar graph.


      I have a bar graph that ranks the last 10 US presidents in terms of electoral vote % (EC%) and popular vote % (PV%). Currently, it looks like this:


      I created a custom color palette to apply "Republican Red" and "Democrat Blue" to applicable elements across my vizzie. What I'd like to do with this bar graph is apply those colors to their respective candidates, but use a 100% color value of Republican Red and Democrat Blue for the electoral vote % bars, and some lesser percentage of those respective colors (say 50%?) for the popular vote % bars. Here's a mock-up done in Photoshop:


      The issue I'm having is I'm unable to get another dimension or measure in order to assign specific colors per political party for the two different types of bars. Here's what my data for this graph looks like:


      With the data organized as shown above, I can only create a graph like the first one shown. I can't figure out how to produce my intended graph (the mock-up). Do I need to add something else to my spreadsheet? Or can I create my mock-up with what I have?


      Attached is a packaged workbook from Tableau Desktop 10.5 and the Excel file. Any help is much appreciated!! I've posted questions quite frequently, and people have been very generous with their time and assistance - thanks!!




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          I may not have caught the gist,

          but I think you are needing to have both [Measure Names]

          and [Party] on the Color shelf. You can do so by adding [Party]

          to the Detail shelf, on then click on the .:. icon next to [Party]

          which will give you the option to change it to color.


          Please see the workbook attached in the Forum Thread.



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            John Freiberger

            Hello Swaroop,


            Thank you!! That is exactly what I was looking for. I had a column for "Party" just like you added. I didn't know that I could add a measure to the Details card and then change its icon to something else (in this case, "color").


            Thanks again! I think that was the last piece that I needed to figure out for my thesis project.