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    Best way to update a .tds file?

    Scott Buckley

      I am new to using .tds files and have a question.  A primary benefit of a .tds files is the ability to share a datasource (a .tde file in this case) containing calculated fields, groups, etc. among multiple workbooks and users.  The question I have is about updating the .tds file in workbooks that connect to it.  For example, let's say I want to create a new group (based on a dimension) and have all workbooks that connect to the .tds file recognize this newly created group.  One way I have been able to accomplish this is to do the following:


           1) create the new group then overwrite the .tds file.

           2) open another workbook that connects to the original .tds file (when opening this other workbook, the newly created group in step 1 is not automatically recognized)

           3) add a new data source and connect to the updated .tds file

           4) using the Replace Data Source option, swap the old .tds file with the newly created .tds file (they have the same name since I simply overwrote the file in step 1).  Now the newly created group is recognized.


      So, this works but seems like a clunky process and have a feeling there is a better way.


      Can someone help or point me to some documentation that address this?


      Thank you!



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          Branden Kornell

          Are you using Tableau Server or Tableau Desktop?

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            Scott Buckley

            We do use Tableau Server but have not so far published any data sources to Server.  Thus, we typically connect to datasources locally.

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              ShivaRam Chennapragada


              When you're making changes to a tds source file and re-publishing it to server by over writing existing version, any workbook that is developed using that tds should automatically be updated. Here's something I tried to demo the same,

              This is a screenshot of TDS (source file) that I developed, published to server. Notice the "Basket Measures" under "Measures"


              This is a screenshot of a server copy, that I connected through my desktop and using it to develop a dashboard,

              I followed these steps,

              1. Deleted “ATA” from Source file
              2. Add to Saved Data Sources
              3. Publish To Server
              4. Overwrite existing version

              Then refresh local workbook, ATA automatically flows out.

              Then I did these,

              1. Ctrl+Z on the source file - ATA appears
              2. Add to Saved Data Sources
              3. Publish To Server
              4. Overwrite existing version

              Refresh the local version of the workbook, ATA flows in.


              That's it, this is all I've done. Help me understand your problem if this didn't help you.




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                Branden Kornell

                If you have Tableau Server, that's great. This is exactly the issue that published data sources are intended to solve.


                Instead of storing the .tds file locally, publish it up to Tableau Server.


                Quick Start: Publish a Data Source to Tableau Server


                Then instruct your users to connect to the published data source. If they do it correctly, the icon next to the data source will be a square with the Tableau logo on it (instead of a cylinder that represents a database).


                Connect to a Published Data Source on Tableau Online or Server


                When you create new groups, or reorganize existing groups, just publish the .tds file up to the server, replacing the existing file. All the changes will appear in user workbooks that are connected to the server data source. As a bonus, the server data sources are versioned, so you have a backup.

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                  Scott Buckley

                  Thanks Branden and Shiva!


                  Based on your responses, I'm thinking we need to take the plunge and try out publishing datasources to Server to take advantage of the sharing and updating features that are more difficult when using local datasources.  I have a few more questions but the links to reference materials are helpful.


                  Thanks again for the help!