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    Creating Basic Segments in Tableau on Customer Profit

    Andrew Falana


      I wondering if anyone knows how to do this question on tableau


      I dont think its difficult.. but I cannot figure out the method


      'Create 3 segments based on the value of profit per customer; name the segments Low Profitable, Mid Profitable and High Profitable;


      I am using dummy data from AdventureWorks 2012DW,


      Connected the Customer Table with the Factsinternetsales table


      I have sales amount, Customer ID table, Total Product Cost tables I assume that all the tables I need for the question.

      Another assumption to calculate the total profit  using the calculation field



      to calculate profit per customer do I need to do the following calculation?

      SUM (Profit)/DISTINCT D(Customer ID)


      if the right method


      how would I then create the segments for the profit value,

      is it through parameters?


      Appreciate the Answer, Tableau beginner here.

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          Mike Mainzer

          First, you would have to do some analysis to figure out what values to set your three groups at.


          For example, create a boxplot or histogram real quick (just search 'create [box plot/histogram] in tableau' - it's a standard viz in tableau so you should be good. This will help you find out how many sales are attributed to each customer and you can easily see what sales amount constitutes high profit, average profit and low profit.


          Do that first, figure out what your figures would be to create your 3 groups, then I can show you a very simple calculation to create them.