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    Returning columns(measures) that are populated based on row relationship

    Taylor Floyd

      My goal is 2 fold:

           1) to select a column and return all other columns that have a value populated in every instance. So if I select 'Drink' it would evaluate every customer that has a drink(C1 & C3) and return 'Burger' but not Fries because there is a 100% occurrence rate if a drink is present that      the burger column will contain a non-null value.

           2) similar to above but return values over a certain n% threshold. If I set the threshold at >= 50% occurrence and select 'ice cream', 'cookie' would be returned.


      Would Raw SQL be the best way to execute this or another method such as parameter/calculated field? I'm on v10.3

      EDIT: this table is larger than 100x100



      Customer BurgerCookie
      FriesDrinkIce Cream


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!