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    Account Measure for Specific Quarters

    Hrishikesh Shanbhogue




      I am trying to calculate the Current balance that got opened and closed over quarters with reference to opening date and closing date respectively.

      So I want to have a bar graph with quarters (of date opened and closed) on x-axis and amount gained and amount lost bars side-by-side for all the quarters.


      I am trying this LOD to get the total sum amount 2005 to 2018.


      Gained = {FIXED DATEPART('quarter', [DateOpened]) : SUM(IF [DateOpened]>=#1/1/2005# AND [DateOpened]<=#03/31/2018# THEN [CurrentBalance]END)}


      Closed = {FIXED DATEPART('quarter', [DateClosed]) : SUM(IF [DateClosed]>=#1/1/2005# AND [DateClosed]<=#03/31/2018# THEN [CurrentBalance]END)}



      Have attached the workbook for reference.


      Deepak Rai Had used something that you suggested for my previous query. But this one is a spinoff of the same.