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    Silent registration on macOS ?

    Alan Akins

      Hello all,


      Even after following all the recommendations for auto-registration for macOS, writing the plist, etc., the end user is still prompted with the registration dialog. We want this to be 100% silent, so how can we suppress the registration dialog on macOS?



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          Hello Alan,


          I would verify that the registration is working as expected by running the silent installation on a machine and checking whether or not it is placing entried in the plist file as expected. Note: Make sure to run the script and then DO NOT OPEN Tableau Desktop and check the plist file. Are the entries that are expected to be filled out, filled out?



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Alan Akins

            Thanks Patrick. The file is as expected before and after. So, what I think we have found is that the command runs as expected when run manually from a terminal session, but it doesn't work as expected when running it under JAMF Pro. That part is pretty key since that's what we use to manage our enterprise deployments for macOS. :\