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    Unable to get custom polygons to filter other graphs

    Hilary Kunz

      Hi Everyone,


      Newbie to Tableau here.   I'm working on a project and I decided to use some spatial data. I was able to get the polygons to "draw" on the map which was a big win for me. However, I'm having some issues getting the filters and actions to work. Not sure what is going on, thought maybe it was because I did a data blend with the spatial data, not sure though.


      What I'm trying to do is click on a neighborhood, police district, or precinct and have it filter other visuals that are on the same Dashboard. I then hope to add these Dashboards to a story. 


      I've attached a copy of the file for reference.


      Any help would be appreciated!



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          Welcome to the Forums.


          Your polygons and heatmap tables look good.


          I think there may be few things hindering the actions.


          I don't think it will be feasible to use the same YOY% graph

          on each of the dashboards; I think you will need a separate version

          for Precinct, District, etc.

          The reason for that is the YOY% table needs to have the connecting

          field somewhere on one of the shelves. So if the map has precincts

          (coming from the police_precincts datasource), then the YOY% needs

          to have Precinct_Id (coming from crime4 datasource) on the Detail shelf.

          Likewise, the separate YOY% District heatmap table will need to have

          District Id (from crime4) on its detail shelf.


          Then in the Dashboard Action|Target Filters|Add Filter dialog,

          you can connect precinct from police_precincts to precinct Id (from crime4).


          Another factor is that both the Precinct from police_precinct

          and Precinct Id from crime4 need to be of the same datatype,

          either both strings or both numbers.


          Please see if the methods in the workbook attached in the Forum Thread

          will work for you.

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            One other note.

            I had set the dashboard actions in the above workbook to leave the last

            value when the click action was cleared.  That may not be ideal.


            It may be best to show the overall statistics (over all precincts

            or over all districts) when no polygon is clicked. Then when a

            precinct is selected, only show those values. Then when unclicked

            go back to the overall stats.


            Do you have the overall stats in your dataset?

            If not, they can be calculated within Tableau.


            Here is an example of this:

            setting default value in map as filter