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    Number formatting using special characters

    Juan Mangas

      This is surely quite simple, but I'm stuck.

      Tableau gives the possibility of formatting positive and negative numbers putting special characters in front of them. This comes handy when you want an arrow pointing up or down in front of the actual figures to stress they are rising or falling.

      So I select the measure, number format custom, and insert, via copy/paste from Word, up and down arrows from the Webdings character set.

      And it works:

      My problem is that these seem to be almost the only characters copied from Word that are recognized by Tableau. Trying with other characters normally gives different symbols.


      I expected that I could insert the code directly in the custom number format box (typing the ASCII/etc. code with ALT key or something like that), but I am unable to find the way. So my questions are:

      Which special characters are supported by Tableau in the custom number format box (or in labels, tooltips, etc?)

      How do I enter these characters?


      Thanks a lor for your response