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    Tableau SDK Use Case

    praveen reddy

      Hello All,


      I have gone through the Tableau SDK document which will helpful  to create the Tableau TDE files and publishing  to Tableau server

      My question is exactly in what scenarios we use Tableau SDK's and how we plot the graphs in Tableau SDK.


      Please suggest me on this




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          Hello Praveen,


          Can you provide a litte more detail behind what you are attempting to accomplish. I feel I am misunderstanding what is trying to be done.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            praveen reddy

            Thanks Patrick for you reply.


            Tableau SDK which will  have the  software development code by using this we can create Tableau data Extracts by using Extract API and we can do publishing by using Rest API.


            Now My question is when to use the Extract API and Rest API in Tableau because Tableau can connect to all data sources and publish the same. So what is the necessity to create TDE file by using scripting in Tableau SDK.


            Hope you understand the thread !