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    Categorising current month data based on results in previous N months


      Hi There,


      Long time listener, first time caller...


      I've seen a similar type of question asked of the community but yet to find a solution that works for my problem.


      I'm trying classify various products based on their performance (against the category average) in the previous 3 months. The intention is to then use these classification to profile other metrics (current month data).

      Apologies that i don't have a workbook to show an example, I'm trying to validate that this is possible before i productionise data.


      Below is an example of type of the historical data i would be using to create these classifications and then how these classifications would be used against data in the current month.

      This example shows what data would be referenced / shown for Apr'18 but my datasource is live and goes back a couple of years.

      I ideally would like to be able to show trended data in the view, so my preference is not to have the user interact with a parameter control to change an anchor date.


      Previous 3 months performance data

      An example of how these would be used (what would shown in the view)


      I hope this all makes sense / is clear.


      Thanks in advance for your help,