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    Calculated field for Percentage

    Mahesh Rakwal



      Find the case below.


      Description :


      We have a report with 3 charts and 5 filters.


      In this dashboard the **cluster name filter** is not applied on the machine count worksheet. Rest all filters are applied on all the worksheets in the dashboard.


      we have another calculation which is

      calculating the percentage of all the clusters to the total machine count.

      The formulas used are


          numerator : countd(if [cluster name] <> "Not Clustered"


          [Serial No]






          [Serial No]





          round(([numerator]/[denominator]) * 100,2)




      Screenshot Attached for the same.




      So if you refer to the above screenshot, when the filters value is changed for cluster name(say test cluster1) then percentage should be 4/21 = 19% but we are getting percentage as 100 %


      So expected value is 19% but we aer getting 100 %

      How do we make sure that the machine count should be fixed and calculation is 4/21= 19% in this case.


      Workbook attached at this [link][2]

      * Note : We tried to implement the above using LoD but did not get expected results.