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    Mapping from two datasets

    Lycias Zembe

      I have two datasets one is a spatial file (which I have already used to plot the map - Book1) with a map I would like to use as a background map onto which I would like to plot schools whose GIS coordinates are in an excel/csv file. I have tried to follow on discussions with related information but still having a problem in getting this together. I have attached the two datasets.

      I am using Tableau 10.5.

      I would appreciate any help.

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          Tim Dines

          The easiest way to achieve this is to import the excel file with the school coordinates into a MapBox dataset.  Use the MapBox map as your background map and then do what you have in sheet one over the top of it.  MapBox has a good tutorial on this, but it is very easy.  You create a new dataset and import your excel spreadsheet.  Then you can change the way the dots look on the map by editing the style.  Publish when you like what it looks like.

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            Don Wise

            Hello Lycias,

            Currently it is difficult to do in Tableau, but based on the recent talk by the spatial mapping group of developers at Tableau, it will get much much better by the next version or so.  Probably in 2018.1 version.  Regardless, Sarah Battersby has overcome this hurdle and there is a current way of doing what you desire...please see her blog post here:  Sarah Battersby's Blog


            I've attached a new version of your workbook, which brings in both sets of your data, using the inspiration from Sarah's blog for this type of spatial data set join.


            If this works for you, please mark this correct.  Screenshot below:

            Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.53.48 AM.png

            Hope it helps...Thanks, Don

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              Lycias Zembe

              Hi Tim

              Thank you so much for this suggestion. I will explore it and keep you posted.

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                Lycias Zembe

                Hi Don


                Thank you so much for this. It is exactly what I wanted. Thanks also for Sarah's Blog link, I will go through it and will reach out should I have problems understanding it. I am still very new to Tableau and have no GIS mapping background. Thanks once again, I really appreciate your help.


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