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    How to multiple values from one row to another

    Larsen Rennie

      Helllo all


      I am facing one issue in which i have two dimension and one measure . I have constructed a cross tab in which i want that Value of People _GSM which is present in the first row should get multiply with Variable cost_gsm and Cost per headcount_gm which is there in the third row


      Attaching the screenshot . In the screenshot you will see that value of People _GSM =11.89 ,Variable cost_gsm=0.22(which is in the second row) and Cost per Headcount_GM which is 59.83


      i want that the above three valiues get multiply and give me result in first row. Let say that you create a calculated field called multiple then once you drag multiply in the column shelf it should display the value by multiplying 11.89,0.22 and 59.83 once done then it should multiply 0.36,0.22,68.44 and display the result  and so on .....




      Tableau Screenshot.PNG