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    Tableau data source refresh with Alteryx (strange behaviour)

    Ana Yin

      Hi all,


      We're trying to refresh our TDE (Live connection i.e. Alteryx -> TDE sitting in Data Sources tab in server) by running the Alteryx workflow with the latest March 2018 data (push method).

      (See Word doc for screenshots of the workflow and 'Connection' and 'Output' pane)


      However we can't see the changes (i.e. the March 2018 data) reflected in the dashboard when we view it  using the web browser (server).


      We "should" be seeing both Feb-2018 and Mar-2018 in the dropdown, but in the web browser we only see 'Feb-2018'.


      The strange thing is when we download the workbook from server, we see the *expected result with the Mar-2018 as a dropdown and all the visuals updating to the latest March data.


      *Expected result:

      Clearly the dashboard has been successfully refreshed but why aren't the changes reflected in Server and only in Desktop?

      Please can somebody shed some light into this weird behaviour?


      Many thanks,