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    Side by side chart using single dimension

    pradhap Rao

         I have a chart with data in the following way

                             States lived                      height when 5-10 years    height when 10-15years 

      Name1          California                               5                                        9

      Name1          new jersy                              10                                       11

      Name1          Newyork                                8                                        17

      Name2          California                              15                                       20

      Name2          new jersy                              20                                       25

      Name2          Newyork                               12                                        20


      Is there a way to create a side by side and show


      yaxis height

      Xais   name1, name2


      Basically is there a way to use 1 dimension and show a sideby side comparison of 2 names?


      eg: a chart like this that shows income between 2 states based on buckets as above