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    Efficiency of nested calcs?

    Joe Oppelt

      I'm trying to figure out if there is a processing efficiency to nesting calcs.  I like to compartmentalize my calcs.  Create a calc for an intermediate step in a complex calculation.  Use that intermediate calc instead of making the intermediate step part of the final calc.




      // intermediate step 1

      IF (a whole bunch of conditions here) THEN 1 else 0 END


      // intermediate step 2

      IF [Intermediate 1] = 1 AND (more conditions here) THEN "RED"

      elseif [Intermediate 1] = 0 AND (other conditions here) THEN "BLUE"





      // final calc


      CASE [Intermediate 2]





      I could collapse all that into one giant, messy calc.  Would one calc run more efficiently than three?


      And I suppose the question might have different answers if these calcs are row-level calcs, aggregate calcs, table calcs or LOD calcs.


      Is there a general rule of thumb about this sort of stuff?