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    Find the rate based on Plts number - two differents Excel file




      I am new on Tableau and i have problem to how use the calculation.


      I have 2 different excel file. 1 is with all my data "Data File" (500k rows +update every week) and the second one is a basic excel file "rate File" with 2 columns (Number of plts from 1 to 60 and Rates in each rows).


      I basically need to do as following:


      - for each ID Number "XXXX-029", weight XXX Kgs, total number of plts 10 --> tell me which is the rate for 10 plts and write me the rate. in excel would be a basic vlookup(Tot number of plts, charts,rates).


      Between the two files i had relationship between the number of plts but Tableau found only number 1 so it gives me always the same amount for all different rows:




      I tried ATTR, FIXED (id number, plts.data file:Rate) but nothing worked.


      This is a basic tableau file that i would use every time that i need changing the rates. Please consider that after i will add other 3 excel file (with no relationship with the others or the Data File). everything is done to have a basic calculation that will be enough to change the difference rates. Including Exchange Rate Currency calculation.


      Do you think is possible? can someone help me please?


      Thank you very much for your help,