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    How to edit vizpool.csv in tabjolt Utility

    Sanket Kelkar

      Hi All,


      I have installed tabjolt utility, postgreSQL database on tableau 10.5.2 Server. I am following the video - Getting Started With TabJolt - YouTube  and some other links.


      When I ran the command (as an admin) : go --t=testplans\InteractVizLoadTest.jmx --d=30 --c=1


      I can see some errors and it did not provide me any ID as mentioned in the video.


      What I believe, I have some issues (and I am confused too) while editing "vizpool.csv" file and it looks like - "/views/SK_BH_Tran/Dashboard1". This is followed by tableau server's path.


      Can someone please suggest the right path to edit "vizpool.csv" ?



      Sanket Kelkar.

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          Zac Boller

          Hi Sanket.


          I noticed it appears you have an exception related to Postgres in the logs, right above the console output you have shared.  The stack trace itself is cut off, but I suspect that may be related to your issue.  


          Are you able to connect to the Postgres database via something like pgAdmin using the default credentials provided in the installation guide and validate that the tables were created/etc?   What do you see if you open the PerformanceViz.twb in the root directory? 


          If you edit the vizpool.csv in the config directory of your Tabjolt installation, that should work.  Can you share the contents of that file currently?  I'm not quite sure if I understand what you mean by 'This is followed by Tableau Server's path'.  There shouldn't be additional path information in the file.