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    Change data source information with tabcmd when deploying into production environment

    Ana RIta Oliveira

      Hi all,


      In my current project we have two different environments one to development and quality and the production one.

      Until now only the visual part of the reports were deployed into production although now we also have the need to deploy also the data sources and all the processes into production environment.

      My question is: there is any way to change a data source (from dev to prod schema) from a report without open it in tableau desktop? I deploy all the reports using tabcmd commands. We need to find a way to automate the process of deployment and schedule weekly releases.

      In my specific case I'm using Hadoop and the connection string will be the same although the  schema changes (from schema dev to chema pro). I was searching for any way to change this info when I publish the workbook using tabcmd.


      Here are my code lines until now to deploy reports:

      cd C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.5\bin
      tabcmd login -s <server> -u <user> -p <pass>
      tabcmd get "/workbooks/workbook.twbx" -f "C:\Tableau_Workbooks\workbook.twbx"
      tabcmd logout
      tabcmd login -s <server> -u <user> -p <pass>
      tabcmd publish "C:\Tableau_Workbooks\workbook.twbx" -o -r "Project" -n "workbook" --db-username "userDB" --db-password "passwordDB" --save-db-password

      Note:All my reports have extracts from the data source and I have a scheduler to update them every day.


      There is any other command I can use to specify the schema? All the tables have the same name.


      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards

      Rita Oliveira