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    Show cash flow depending on down payment date and credit date

    Evgeniy Soytonen

      Hi, I have some sales data extracted from BW.

      There are customer id, document id, payment terms (like 0/100 - 100% credit, 20/80 - 20% down payment/80% credit and so on), down payment date, credit payment date, net value.

      Basing on payment terms I could evaluate down payment and credit parts.

      And now i want to show on timeline at what time money should be payed.

      For example, sales data:

      PaymentTermsDown payment date
      Credit payment date
      Net order Value


      So on chart for X axis i want to have timeline 2017-2018 and on Y Down payment value (by date), Credit payment value (by date), SumValue (by date).

      As i previously mentioned I've calculdated Down payment as NetOrderValue * Payment terms %, for Customer B it would be 8000*50%=4000, and same for Credit payment value.


      So i want to organize data looks like:


      Calendar date (X)Down payment value (Y1)

      Credit payment value (Y2)

      30.09.2018017000 (9000 + 4000 + 0 + 4000)


      Could someone help me to understand how to mix two date fields into one inside Tableau?

      In power BI i could use external Calendar dimension for that. But here I couldn't find similar functionality.