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    Pass the parameters from summary dashboard to By Channel Detail dashboard

    Subrahmanyam Gosukonda

      Hello Community,


      We have been Implemented Overview ,Summary and By Channel Dashboards,If Click on the Channel in the summary dashboard and Channel parameters need to be passed to By Channel detail level dashboard.


      Lets have a example Channel=Export,Intercompany and if both of these channels passed from summary dashboard to Detail level By@channel dashboard, the Channel level filters to be applied in the By channel dashboard.


      I have been tried with Action with Filters and Highlighters ,But they are not working,Can any one let us know how to pass the parameters by URL.


      If we could achieve this solution by Any filters or Highlighter else if there is any other functions to pass the parameters from source to target dashboard is really admirable.


      I look forward to here back from you.




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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          Parameters in Tableau are global,single valued and static - they remain constant until manually changed by the user - so once set the parameter value is available throughout the entire workbook. 

          Parameters alone don't do anything - they must be used in a calculated field and then used (note they can be used in multiple calculations and those calculations can be used in one or more worksheets


          Filters values can be passed from worksheet to worksheet directly by applying them to multiple sheets or between dashboards - using actions



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