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    WorkoutWednesday 13 - Facing problems with LOD

    Rajeev Pandey

      Hi Team,


      I was trying to solve the WW 13 but I am struck when I am calculating Average Sales per order. It working fine for the white portion but it's not working for other cells.

      I know this can be easily done when we duplicate the database but I haven't duplicate the database and used the techniques which (Alexander Mou) taught us via densification.


      WW link : Week 14: Frequency Matrix – Workout Wednesday



      WW Requirements:


      I have created multiple formulas for testing the average Sales per order but it's not working at all.


      When I am using this formula, I am ending up with like this.

      Average sales per order should appear for each combination(Cell). I  tried a lot but don't know what I am missing here.


      Attaching the workbook for your reference.Please refer the last sheet (ww13)




      Alexander Mou

      Simon Runc