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    Exclude issue

    venkat venkat

      In a dashboard, There is a country sheet(only united states of sale value 5000 is there) and at the bottom, cities of united states sheet is there...when we click on any city(say new york of sale value 300) and exclude that city, then it should reflect in country sheet...that means our total sale of country bar should be 5000-300=4700..how to do that..

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          Donna Coles

          Hi Venkat


          If you make your exclusion and go to the Sales by City sheet itself you'll see the City pill has been added to the Filters shelf.  Right click on this pill and choose Apply to Worksheets -> Select Worksheets, then choose the Country sheet from the list.




          PS - I have moved this thread into the main forums part of the site (Forums ).  Questions posted in the 'getting started in the forums' area is intended for queries on how to use the forum features, rather than how to do something in desktop.