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    Extract Data from SAP BW to Tableau Server - Sign In Failed

    Siswono Tjia

      Dear all,


      Currently I am working with client that utilize the SAP BW as their data warehouse.

      The requirement is to store all their data for the Tableau reporting in the SAP BW and we are trying to use BEx query to connect the data to Tableau.


      When we create the data source in Tableau Desktop, we have selected the extract option it can be extracted to local file successfully as hyper files.


      And then we publish the data source to Tableau Server with success as well.

      However when we try to extract the published data source in Tableau Server, we always find error with message 'Sign in Failed'.

      We clicked into the Connection Detail but it does not provide any detail on the cause of the error.


      Is there any additional configuration required should we need to extract data source from SAP BW in Tableau Server?