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    Insert data from one year (e.g. 2015) when latest data is not available (e.g. 2016)

    Nicholas Findlay

      Hi - hopefully this is a very quick and simple fix.


      I would like to know how I can take the value from a previous year - for example 2015 - and put it into the latest year chart (e.g. 2016) when the 2016 data is not available or missing. I mean, how can this be easily and simply done in just the chart itself rather than having to create a separate field / calculated field? In my data set there may be many variables where this is an issue. For example, I want to create a simple ranked chart to show the performance of various people in the year 2016. However, for one person, the 2016 data is not available and I only have data for 2015 on that measure. I would like to show that person's performance in the ranked chart for the latest year, alongside the other people, with the caveat that it refers to 2015 (annotated). Currently, Tableau is deleting that person from the chart unless I also put 2015 data into the filter.


      E.g. if 2016 is not available or blank, use 2015 value instead.


      Is there a simple and easy way to do this in Tableau without having to create another variable?


      Many thanks