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    Weighted number of active items between Start and End Date


      Hi Tableau Community,


      I have a question that I have no idea how to solve for, it is regarding displaying the number of active resources during a period of time.


      I have used the below link to get some information on how to do the basics.

      My question differs as instead of counting the number of active resources, I want to instead pick up the value in the "Allocation" column instead.


      For example.


      For resource A , Dates active are between 1/10/2016 and 1/11/2017. The current date is 1/01/2017. So I would like to pick up the value in the Allocation column that is in the same row eg. 0.5 , instead of giving it a value of 1.


      So if there were 2 active resources during the time, and their allocations are both 0.5 the total value = 1. Instead of 1+ 1 = 2.


      I have attached my sample data


      Items Active between Start and End Date


      Thank you,