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    unable to extract data from an external SQLite database

    Joe Smith

      I have a packaged workbook which refers to an external SQLite database file.


      I'm unable to extract the data for this workbook as shown below following the instruction shown on:



      There is a reminder in the process to "reconnect to" the SQLite database. I'm not sure if this is the cause.


      Appreciate your advice on this matter if you have encountered similar issue before.




      1. select "Extract Data..." by right-click the data source

      Image 45.png


      2. the Extract data window:

      Image 47.png


      3. data extraction in progress:

      Image 48.png


      4. reminder to reconnect to the SQLite database:

      Image 49.png


      5. executing query:

      Image 50.png


      6. no data is extracted by the look of the database icon:

      Image 51.png