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    Need help working with different types of survey questions

    Jason Dozier

      Hello everyone!


      As the title suggests, I'm looking to visualize survey data and I'm working with a number of different types of questions. My survey includes likert scale questions, a few yes / no questions (which are used for decision trees in the survey), some temporal questions (e.g. how long did it take for you to find a job in months), and a few single-select picklists. I've pivoted all of my responses and I can view the Likert scale responses just fine, but I'm only getting Null values for any of my questions involving the Yes / No questions. Any thoughts as to what's going on here? My sneaking suspicion is that I'll just need to Dashboard a bunch of different workbooks together, but I can't build out the workbooks if I can't see the data for the non-numerical questions.


      Bonus question: is there a way to format and filter these responses after it's been pivoted? In particular with the salary questions, I need to exclude values that are null (salary responses are expressed as a range, and I calculate a midpoint based on that response). Tableau treats null values as zeros in the average, but that's not an accurate representation, and while I can add a filter for this specific question before it's been pivoted, I can't seem to figure out ow to do this after the fact.