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    Parse field

    Deborah Auer

      Tableau version 10.4

      I have a field called Site that I need parsed but the data is not so easy to parse...  On some it is missing the end ")"

      Some only have Dog Park and Name...


      Dog Park Tinker

      Dog Park Samson Dr

      WT 473T Buffalo (3274684)

      WT TH847 Keenan (7493748


      What I need is the name (if not ID) or ID:


      Samson Dr




      I can't seem to get it...

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          Deepak Rai

          Can you post your data how it looks. From your above pasted data, it is not clear if you have 4 rows or 1.

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            Deborah Auer

            Can't post real data, private and too many rows.  But to answer your question it is 4 rows.  Just wanting to show the variety of data in rows.  Not a simple parse.

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              Eric Hammond

              Hi Deborah,



              IF FIND(RIGHT(TRIM([Site]),5),' ') > 0  //If there is a space in the last five characters,

              THEN SPLIT(TRIM(REPLACE(REPLACE([Site],')',''),'(',' ')),' ',-2) + ' ' //the include 2nd-to-last word

              ELSE ''


              + SPLIT(TRIM(REPLACE(REPLACE([Site],')',''),'(',' ')),' ',-1) //and also include the last word


              It works for the four examples given; hopefully it also handles most of your actual site names.