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    Issues with 3 Mo Avg Calculation and variance KPI symbol

    Teresa Wright

      I am a Tableau 10.4 Desktop user building a table viz showing current month total, three prior month totals, the variance between the current month total and the prior three month average and a KPI symbol ot indicate which variances are greater than/less by a factor of 1.5.  My current data source is Excel.  Twbx file is attached.


      I have two problems:


      #1 - I cannot get an average to display if one of the prior months are blank.  Is there a way to do this?


      screen shot 1.jpg


      #2 - I need to create a KPI symbol ot display if the Variance % is less than -1.5 or greater than 1.5.  Right now I am getting an error on the calculation I tried.


      screen shot 2.jpg


      Thanks so much for your suggestions!