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    Count selected values in a drop down filter

    Andreas Panayiotou

      Hi all,


      I'm quite new to tableau so forgive me if the question is an easy one to answer. I have already searched on google and on the forum for an answer but have not got there yet. My problem is quite a simple one in theory but proving difficult to execute.


      So what i need is the number of selected options in a drop down filter [Rig Description] , even if the there are no values in the current context that match some of the Rig descriptions selected. Records do exist for every Rig description in the database table that i am working with, but the problem is i am filtering by a date range prior to this secondary drop down filter [Rig Description], So there may not be any entries for some of those Rig descriptions within the date range specified. How ever i still need the total count of the rig descriptions selected to do some further calculations.


      Every thread i have found so far that look at a similar problem only return the distinct number of Rig Descriptions which would not include the the Rig Descriptions that do not have any records in the current context. I need a count of all selected in the filter drop down.


      I hope the above makes sense, any help would be greatly appreciated.