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    burdown chart - draw based on already available end_day_of_project field

    Grzegorz Marchut

      Hello there,


      I have reviewed posts related to how to visualize the burdown concept in Tableau, but any of the posts seems not to address the specific issues/ data  I do have available.



      Show how the work is being consumed within predicted budget. Answer the question whether there is a risk for the realization of the project.

      Technically, is the orange line (how the project is progressing) above blue one (how it should progress).



      Create a plot (orange line) which would show how many kilometers were worked out during the duration of the project. Done.


      The issue:

      Add a line (blue one) which would represent “ideal burndown“ (link to concept), but base not on data those reflect the current state of the project (as shown on the below pic) * and end up at the last day (30th of March), but instead make use of some calculated field [end_day_of_project] – to reflected it on X-axis as the farthest to the right point (predicted last day of the project).


      The task seems to be trivial – plot a line for which:

      • Start x value could be taken from [Day] field,
      • Start y value could be taken from [iris_sum_km] field,
      • End x value could be taken from [end_day_of_project] field,
      • End y value is ‘0’



      Frankly, I stuck how to do it in Tableau.

      The blue line is calculated based  on the formula taken from https://community.tableau.com/thread/151837, but show the ‘ideal burdown’ just for the already worked out scope of the project.


      Thank you in advance for any help - '2 weeks Tableau user'.