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    Help on IF Function

    Ben Schwetlick

      Hi all,


      I need help for gaining further insight into an analysis.


      As a first step I was looking to only filter calls that occurred from both websites, I created essentially a pivot table


      And used a fixed calculation/filter to only return results which had more than 1 column:

      Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 16.44.17.png


      However, now we want to breakdown the analysis further across different website versions. Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 16.35.52.png

      So the aim is to filter away the results so we can see which versions of website starting with E had calls which also had calls in the other columns (N, a,d,i,i,m,o+s)


      Having to take screenshot from sensitive data. I believe it should be possible to achieve the same results but with added granularity via an IF function. However I need help building the calculation.




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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Ben


          would prefer to see the twbx workbook so we can provide a better solution

          but in your original fixed LOD statement you had included           Meas cust 101 and counted Meascust103


          Try using this for you LOD   {Fixed [meascust 101],[meascust 301]: count(number of records)}


          what that will do is take the combinations of the 2 dimensions (101 and 301) and count the number of records they have in common in your IF statement




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            Ben Schwetlick

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks for getting back in touch and helping out.


            I had a look at it with fresh eyes this morning and I have solved it. I kept the fixed calculation based off of the grouping of meas_custom_103 which was working, but then had meas_custom_103 which displayed all website versions ungrouped as a pill in the row instead so that I could see the results on these matching calls across all versions.