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    Show a value in a graphic betweem 2 date fields

    Eric López



      I want to create a graphic in which I want to show a Measure (Count of NICs) during "Created Date" field to "End Date" field. Is like to have this record shown in the graphic during the NIC is still open.


      To do that I take the data from a Table-Valued function that I have created in SQL Server.


      Example >>

      NIC_Id    Created_Date           End_Date

      NIC1      3rd Jan 2017       27th March 2017


      I want a bar-chart with Dates in x-Axis and the count of NICs in y-Axis. Then, if I suppose the case above I want to count this NIC in January, February and March and it should not be shown never more. It means, I want to see 3 bars (one for each month) with the counting of 1.


      Thank you in advance to the Community!