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    Tableau as a Report Provider to Clients

    David Fernandes



      I have a web solution with about 1000 clients. Nowadays they have access to reports that I provide as a PDF: an ASP.NET script executes SP's in the database and with PDFReactor I create a PDF. This is online and as you may already be guessing, it is unmanageable for large data sets.


      I was thinking of using a reporting solution, as Power BI, Qlik, or... Tableau. Nevertheless, I still have some questions, regarding the application architecture and how I can integrate Tableau with my application.


      1. The first question is how I manage my users? I have a custom authentication provider and user management inside my application... What is the best way to integrate with Tableau? I manually configure all the clients in the Tableau Server also? There are endpoints to do it automatically?
      2. The second question is how I manage what a client can see inside a Tableau document. I want to have several unique documents, but I don't want to create a document for each client!! Can I filter a document automatically based on a user authentication?
      3. I would like that my clients could see the reports dynamically inside my web app. But my conclusion so far is that the web view of Tableau Server. Can I integrate it with an iframe?
      4. And this leads me to the final question: does my clients would have to pay licenses or is everything on my side and responsibility?


      Thanks for  your help!




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          mark santino

          Hi David -


          • There are several methods of managing users on Tableau Server. Manually, via the server GUI, and programatically, via a number of developer tools. Authentication falls into two areas; local or AD, with the option to layer on various SSO methods.
          • What a user (client) sees / does not see on server is determined by permissions, and how those permissions are applied to the various users and/or groups defined to the server. It's quite possible a single Tableau dashboard or viz could satisfy a large segment of you client population, depending upon the requirements.
          • Dashboards can be embedded
          • In terms of cost, if you are hosting the server, the responsibility for cost would be on your side.


          This link on Tableau Developer Tools on extensions, automation, and embedding: Tableau's Developer Tools & APIs