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    Congressional District and Chapter Mapping

    Walter Oliff

      Hello All!

      I am still new to Tableau and am trying to create a dual axis map where the underlying map is the congressional districts for the 115th Congress, and the overlying map is a point of where all our chapters are by zip code (I work for a non-profit).


      I have created a tableau map using Tiger Shape Files containing the congressional districts. Any advice on a better way to map congressional districts is also appreciated. I realized that in order for me to bring my chapter points by zip code on the map, I would have to create a join of some sort. I realized that the states in the shapefile were delineated with FP points and found a subsequent mapping online. I intend to use this as the join if I can't find a better option.


      I would like two things to happen:


      1. Once I create the dual axis map, I would like to be able to click on a congressional district containing chapters and have them all selected at once.

      2. If I click on a chapter point, the congressional district and all other chapter points in that district will be highlighted.


      Unfortunately, I'm getting stuck trying to map these points on the underlying congressional districts. I have attached the files for convenience. I tried attaching a twbx file, but after saving it as such, the mile jumps to over 138 mb.


      Thank you so much in advance! This analysis will be able to help us procure grants and other funding so that we may continue to support children in need!