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    Display bar chart based on value > 1%

    Carol Cheng



      I'm very new to Tableau and I know Tableau has so much more to offer for setting own parameters.


      I have a large data set and would like to create a 'dynamic' bar chart based on (1) the filter by job family (i have a total of 3), and (2) number of headcount (shown as FTE in the image below) expressed as a %.


      The condition is, if the % of headcount for the specific nationality is ≥1%, it should be reflected as Nationality on its own, else it should be grouped under 'Others'.

      The bar charts should change according to the 'job family' filter that i select (options are: nurse, admin, medical)


      Can someone help me with the above? Thanks in advance!


      PS. I'm sorry I will not be able to attach the data set due to confidentiality.