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    Heat Maps of Line Graphs

    Richard El-Chamaa



      I am currently working on a Tableau page where I have a custom made map (800x1600) where the coordinates range from -400 to 400 on the x axis and -800 to 800 on the y-axis and the centre of the map is the origin (0,0)


      I have 5 objects which start close to (0,-800) and they traverse the across the map.


      Each provide a line path of their journey and currently have a line map with each segregation is time in minutes.


      What i would like to know if there is a way to show when a section of the map has an abundance of lines. To show it is a common path to traverse.


      The path is a line between two points in time, I want to know how to collect paths and show a common route.






      (PS, example in the image, the middle should be red where as the other two would be blue/green)