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    How to remove custom shapes in a .twbx file?

    Ammy Vega Darya

      Dear All,


      Currently I am trying to reduce a .twbx file size that I copied from another project and modified it.

      So, I have a new project (Project B) that has a little bit same layout with the previous one (Project A).

      Both the files are in .twbx format and Project A has 300mb in size.

      Since I copied from it, so Project B also has same size as Project A.

      Project A used lots of custom shapes (images) that made the file quite big in size (300mb).

      For Project B, I don't need to use the custom shapes from Project A, hence I want to remove it.

      However, since .twbx file contains all the necessary file (like Geographic data, or Custom Shapes added to a dashboard),

      Is there a way to remove the custom shapes from the Project B .twbx file?

      FYI, I am using Tableau Desktop Version 9.0.


      Thank You.