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    Change colors in 6-variable line chart w/Measure Values?

    Tim Schneider



      I learned how to create a line chart with 3+ variables by using Measure Values, not Measure Names, in rows. Or at least, I thought I did.


      When I follow the process for the sheet labeled 'All' in the attached workbook, all six of the lines generated in the chart show up as the same color. No legend appears, either, and the 'Legend' option is grayed out when I try to pull it up by right clicking on the chart.


      I went through this same process for a separate chart a few days ago, and in that one each of the individual lines generated from the various Measure Values all appeared in the chart as a distinct color that I could then edit if I wanted.


      What I'm wondering is why I don't have that same functionality this time around.


      I'm using Tableau Professional Edition 10.5.2.


      Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!