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    Plot 04 dataset, but when creating relat. between dates, bars disappear.

    Antonio Santos

      Hello there,

      I have 4 datasets:

      01 - Production (gray bars), displaying production dates, future dates and which is the primary dataset here, so future dates there are plotted, even when compared with sales, which are usually up to current date;

      02 - Sales (blue line);

      03 - Inventory CE (red bar), containing a colum with Today's date, since those quantities are what is on Inventory currently;

      04 - Inventory SP (orange bar),  containing a colum with current date.


      When I created a relationshion between Inventory datasets, linking Actual Date field with Production's Date, Inventory data disappears, while One bar of each should display within current month.


      Ultimately, I'd need to have sales (line graph), what's scheduled to be produced, Inventory CE and Inventory SP (bar graph).

      See the screen print:


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          Amber Loranger

          Hi Antonio,

          If possible, can you share a packaged workbook (.twbx) which is displaying this issue? This will make it easier for us to determine what is happening.

          In the meantime, I would check the information here: Blending Data on Non-Matching Date Fields | Tableau Software

          When you use two data sources in one view (data blending) you're basically creating an ad-hoc left join on whatever field you use as the linking field. My guess is that your two date fields don't match exactly... there's not a corresponding entry in the 2ndary data source (orange check mark) for every value in the primary data source (blue check mark), and so Tableau isn't able to bring anything back because it's only looking for that match.

          Honestly this is notoriously difficult when blending on date fields and so if you have any other field that matches between the data sources like a product or order ID, you will probably be happier trying that one. Or, if you can join rather than blend the data sources, you may have more flexibility. But if you must blend on a date, hopefully the above article will help.

          Also, you can check out the below for more info on how data blending works and common pitfalls:

          Troubleshoot Data Blending