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    Group different meassures into a single filter

    Gerardo Villarreal



      I started working on Tableau recently, and this is also my first entry in the community, I need your help guys,


      I'm setting different dimensions, and creating different charts playing with the data, the main purpose is to show account's attributes differently and they always end up showing an amount, my data source is like the following to show an easy example:


      April 1st
      April 2nd


      So for example, if I have a simple chart showing the amounts for the accounts, the graphic shows only the amount of today, but I need to find a way to simply filter by dates in a single drop down filter and change my amount; for example I filter to April 2nd then the amount for the account 123 changes from 500 to 300.


      Hope I've made some sense.


      Thank you in advance!